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Figure I might as well give you a little missive about the shenanigans (or lack thereof) and goings-on. Hell, it's the first serious LJ post of the year (that isn't eBay, DLC, or game-related), and it's March. Shows you how often I update this, but then again, life as a full-time commuter student isn't as interesting as being a full-time resident student living on campus.

Januarymas came and went, with all the amazement and fun that it entails. Lovely to see as many of my friends, especially some that I haven't seen in years. Shortly after, the semester began, and I haven't had much of a social life since, as is the custom. Took 4 classes this semester instead of 5, since I didn't want to kill myself taking a whole bunch of studio courses at once.

Alternative Process is interesting, getting to play with other methods of photography, many of them historical. Studio Lighting...well...is just that. It's my 3rd attempt at it, I'm not gonna say much until the end of the semester for I may jinx myself. Figure Drawing, attempt #2, not much to say there. Art History 2 picked up where AH1 left off. Although after having spent nearly 7 weeks in the Renaissance, I'm absolutely sick of seeing Jesus and Mary paintings. I know Catholicism was big then, but...how many times am I gonna see the same damn image? Regardless, I have to stick it out. I'm sure there will be many more as I press forward.

It's been busy for me on the photography front as well. I've had my work in two photo exhibitions this semester, both at the Photo Center in Troy, and I'm rather proud of it. Coming up is the Photo Regional, a big exhibition. Gonna see about getting some work in there.

This week was our spring break, and I spent most of it not here. Spent a couple of days in Ithaca with Carolyn, and had a blast. Just got home from spending several more days in the Berkshires with my lovely wife. Shot tons of pictures. Now I have to go through and see which ones I like for dA display.

Back to the grind tomorrow, though--studio shift on campus, and then I forge ahead with the second half of the semester without a day off.

I have one more bit of fun to look forward to, though--the 3 day video game convention known as PAX East in Boston this weekend. After that, all school all the time.

So, yeah. Not much in the way of exciting news, but there it is, in a nutshell.


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