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It's coming down to the wire. Getting near the end of the 3rd season of Downloadable Content! I need to record 4 more episodes take us through to mid-December. So, as always, here are the topics. Anyone want in on any/all of them, let me know!

Saturday, October 12, 2 PM ET: LGBT in Video Games—discussion of LGBT representation in games, how they're represented in the gaming community, and how the gaming industry can be more progressive.

Saturday, October 12, 7 PM ET: Holiday Lineup—self-explanatory.We've got a couple of new consoles, new games, so, yeah.

Sunday, October 13: 2 PM ET: We received a fan suggestion for an episode! TOPIC via fan request: an episode 5 to the Final Fantasy anniversary mini-series, recapping all the FF offshoots/spinoffs. I'd like a guest host who knows about them, along with a knowledgeable panel, because I know jack shit about the offshoots. I will record this episode if there is sufficient interest in it.

Sunday, October 13, 7 PM ET: Season Finale—year in review. Recap the year in video games, along with some additional discussion regarding anything we'd like to expand upon from any of this year's DLC episodes, plus a little sneak peek into some ideas for next year.


BACKUP EPISODE in case the fan request to do a Final Fantasy offshoots episode doesn't generate enough interest—gaming's greatest villains. This would be done in the same time slot.


The two Sunday episodes MIGHT be moved to Monday, October 14 (Columbus Day) if it turns out I have to report to campus for my work-study duties. Will keep you posted.

Anyone want in, let me know!


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