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Now that we've had some time to digest the E3 it was, I want to hear your take on this year's offerings--the new Halo game, the unveiling of the PlayStation Vita, or the next Nintendo console, the Wii U, to name a few.

So I am scheduling the weeknight of Thursday, June 23 as a recording period. Since it's just one episode, I can do that on a weekend. The subject is E3. Recording to start around 6 PM ET or so. Anyone wishing to record that night, let me know.
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In our 10th episode of Downloadable Content, we continue our series of episodes talking about video gaming's classic franchises. 25 years ago, we saw the release of Metroid, which featured the very first female protagonist who wasn't just a helpless, innocent waif that needed a guy to save. Back in 1981, Donkey Kong exploded onto the arcade scene, causing arcades to become the place to be as gamers of all stripes competed for coveted hi-scores. DK would also directly create probably the most recognizable character in the gaming world, when the original game's hero, known as "Jumpman," would end up as the Mario we all know and love. This episode is split into two parts, with the first part discussing Metroid, and the second discussing Donkey Kong. All music used belongs to their respective composers/developers/studios/etc. Download them from the iTunes store today! When you're done, leave some feedback over at the DLC Facebook.

If that isn't working, however, you can download part 1 here and part 2 here.. Enjoy!
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In this episode of Downloadable Content, Sonic turns 20! I and this panel talk about the rise, fall, and what might be a resurgence. Sega's mascot has been through hell and back again, but we discuss his origins, his successes, his disasters, and our fun experiences growing up with him. Listen in as we commemorate Sonic's 20th anniversary. All game music used belongs to their respective studios/developers/composers, etc; two selections are from the web site OverClocked Remix. Enjoy!

This episode's panel consists of I, Danielle Ellison [livejournal.com profile] kilinka, and Nick Whitford.

Music is taken from Chrono Cross, Sonic The Hedgehog 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles, 4, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (remixes of themes from Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Sonic CD, and Sonic Heroes). Two selections are from the website OverClocked Remix. Bonus points to the person who guesses the Sonic game from the theme I used in the intermission.

If downloading from iTunes is giving you grief, here's the alternate download link: DLC Episode 8

Let me know what you think over at Downloadable Content's Facebook page!
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Episode 7 of Downloadable Content is now available in the iTunes store!

In this episode, I and the panel discuss the tumultuous relationship between video games and movies; generally, movies based on video games don't translate well from game console to the big screen, and we discuss our thoughts as to why this is, with some exceptions. We discuss the movies based on Super Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Resident Evil, to name a few. Give us your thoughts on this episode by posting at Downloadable Content's Facebook. All music used belongs to their respective composers/studios/developers/etc. The arrangements from Street Fighter II belong to the artists from OverClocked Remix. Enjoy!

Length: 75:15
Panel: Danielle Ellison, Nick Whitford, Grendel

Download it, then let's hear your thoughts on this episode at Downloadable Content's Facebook.

If iTunes is being an ass, here's the alternate download link.

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In light of the firestorm I set off last night on Facebook regarding a future DLC episode, here's what I've got planned as recording days and subjects. PLEASE comment if you're free/interested, and want to record:

Saturday, April 9: we'll be recording a series of episodes commemorating long-lived (and still going strong) franchises, and how they have helped to shape their respective genres as well as the game industry as a whole. Zelda, Dragon Quest, and Metroid turn 25, Donkey Kong turns 30, and Resident Evil turns 15.

Saturday, April 23 or Saturday, May 7 (date to be determined soon): we will be discussing the serious subject of women in video games. For far too long, I feel that women are not fairly represented in video games, which saddens me. For an industry that clamors for equality amongst the gaming population, the industry doesn't help its case, in one example, when it puts out games of women in serious combat situations, wearing nearly nothing, in an obvious attempt to sell games. I want strong, independent, free-thinking female protagonists as opposed to blatant eye candy. We'll be discussing the various gender inequalities, double standards, and stereotypes, and what we think needs to be done to not only bring more women into video games, but to make sure they're fairly represented as well. For this episode, I request specifically to have an all-female guest panel.

NOTE: due to the already (pleasantly) surprising amount of interest I've received from female gamers already for this upcoming episode (which, if the amount of interest keeps growing, may become two episodes), please keep in mind that the panel will consist of 4-5 people at the most. As much as I'd love to have 50 girl gamers in on the discussion, I think Skype would explode. However, if you are interested and can't record, I still would very much appreciate your input by way of guiding and/or providing me with helpful, reputable information. Of the two possible recording dates, let me know when's best for you. Also, the intent of this episode is to provide open, honest, thoughtful, intelligent debate/discussion. This is not a platform to bash genders; I want to gain a better knowledge of how the other half lives, because I feel its necessary to be on the same field as the ladies.

Regardless, if you're interested in recording ANY episode, please let me know. To record, you'll need a good headset and/or mic, and also have the most current version of Skype.

Any questions, let me know. As always, current episodes of Downloadable Content can be found on the iTunes store, and you can weigh in at the Downloadable Content Facebook. In fact, if you "like" DLC, you can get news and updates on your FB feed.

Feel free to pass this around far and wide, and thanks so much!
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Since I have an off-day on Monday, Feb, 21, I'm planning to record at least two, but hopefully 3 future Downloadable Content podcasts, and I'm now putting out a call for anyone who wants to record with me and talk about the issues I plan to discuss. Topics planned are:

Episode 5: Nintendo Power Awards--Results
Planned discussion: discussing the results of the NP awards and seeing how our panel's predictions made in Episode 1 stack up to the Nintendo fandom. (Most likely going to consist of Episode 1's panel)

Episode 6: Happy 20th, Sonic!
Planned discussion: Sonic the Hedgehog has endured a lot--A LOT--in the 20 years of his existence. It's all Sonic talk--the good and bad--as we celebrate his 20th.

Episode 7: Video Games in the Movies
Planned discussion: we will talk about video games that have made the transition to the big screen and discuss our thoughts as to why many have failed so miserably. We'll also talk about what we think would make a great game-based movie.

Planned topics are subject to change; this is what I'm currently thinking about. If anyone wants in, let me know!
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Finally, episode 1 of my new general gaming podcast, Downloadable Content, is posted! It's been submitted to iTunes, and we'll see if iTunes accepts it. In the meantime, here it is, for your listening and/or downloading pleasure.

It's a podcast made by everyday gamers of varying skills, meant for everyday gamers. We don't provide reviews of video games, nor do we intend to bias against any type of gamer. In DLC, we talk about issues pertinent to the gaming industry--topical issues that affect the gaming population at large. We aim to have fun on this show, and we offer you, the listener, a chance to provide feedback. We even offer you, if you're so interested, a chance to come on and record with us and sound off on an issue that's important to you. This podcast is meant to be an open forum, where discussion and debate are encouraged.

Episode Description: In this inaugural episode, I and three others talk about the resurgence of 2-D gaming and whether we think it's good for the industry. In the second half, we look at and make our predictions for this year's Nintendo Power awards. Feedback is encouraged! Download and/or listen here: Episode 1

Time: 78:45
Guests: Peter, Erica, Ron

Production notes: In the second half, we discuss and make predictions for the upcoming Nintendo Power awards. I never thought to prepare the panel by giving them the ballot beforehand. As a result, you can hear me typing away in NeoOffice Spreadsheet when the panel makes their picks. Still, there was some good discussion all around, and while this opening episode is about 20 minutes longer than I'd like (I'm hoping, once this becomes a regular thing, to have 60-minute episodes), I don't think it's a bad start. Enjoy!

Music Credits:
Intro & Outro: Time's Scar (Chrono Cross)
Intermission: Defiers of Fate (Final Fantasy 13)
1st half end: Game Over (Metal Gear Solid)
2nd half incidental music from "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"

You can also listen to this episode using the widget below.


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