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Oh, Friday. I just want to eat you all up. You're here tomorrow, and what bliss! Although, it means that getting out of bed tomorrow will be difficult, especially at 6 AM. I never was a morning person--most of my friends can attest to that, especially Wyatt, who found himself on the receiving end of my exhausted rage one weekend morning back during my time at New Paltz.

I've since realized that as the week progresses, my bed gets more and more clingy. I start off on Monday nice and refreshed, getting out of bed right after my alarm goes off, and by Friday, I'm only slightly ready to get out of it by 6:30, and by then, I'm in a slight hurry.

Then, of course, the weekend. Which leads me to...below.

So it was decided that I can't have all the fun by myself--April is now coming down with me to New Paltz this weekend. When this announcement was made, I had only purchased the bus tickets not half an hour before. I now have to return them and get a partial refund. One of those moments where I wish I had a TARDIS and go back just prior.

Timing. The Universe either has great timing, or horrible timing. Not really an in-between sort-of thing.

No matter. I'm hoping for a good time this weekend; the current state of my abscess is that it's practically gone--however, I'm feeling pain at the site of the 2nd incision, a pain similar to what was happening to the first incision: a stinging pain when I move due to the wound on the verge of scabbing and closing up, which means that in a few days, that should do it. So I just have to be careful.

It won't be long now--I've neglected my marital responsibilities for well over a month, and once I'm better, April and I will be better off for it. Not having sex in over a month with my wife has been frustrating to both of us. Oy. I've a sneaking suspicion that once I'm better, we're most likely gonna lock ourselves away in the bedroom and go at it all weekend, so I think I better lay in provisions now. Easy Mac and Coca-Cola, methinks--relive the days of New Paltz.

It's bad enough that lately, my subconscious has been seeing more action than me.

So, there we go. While I'm in New Paltz this weekend, Character Battle 12 will continue, but the leaderboard will not be updated until Sunday night, which will be great--everyone can see where they are as they head into the last 2 battles. I'm also putting out a call to anyone who wishes to record with me on Wednesday, August 4, the final podcast of Character Battle 12. Winners will be announced. Recording starts at 8 PM ET. Let me know if you're interested.

All right, laundry should be done. Time to grab that, then off to bed.

Nighty night, all.


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