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For the 4th time, I made my yearly pilgrimage to SPAC to see the amazing Dave Matthews Band. Every time I go, it's always a slightly different experience. This, however, would be a bit more than slight.

Once again, I went with my friend Annie, but also went with another friend, Erica; both of them were former McManagers, but we remain good friends.

In light of the copious amounts of underage drinking and tailgating at SPAC last year, which resulted in tremendous amounts of kids getting pre-drunk, drunk, and hung over, the police were out in full force, and will remain so tonight when I go again.

Despite the frequent, and rather LARGE signs posted all around SPAC saying "NO ALCOHOL," it didn't stop people from getting pre-drunk--they just did their tailgating off the SPAC grounds. Many were caught trying to get plastered at SPAC, but really, the fact of the matter is that you can't stop 25,000+ people from having a good time unless you have that many police officers present.

It certainly did not hamper my usual experience; people were still getting just as stoned and just as drunk as ever. My night was made complete by the sight of several teens getting thrown out for various reasons (mostly drug-related; Annie did see someone snorting coke), some were led out by EMTs to get their stomachs pumped, and some were probably just getting a bit too frisky for someone's liking.

However, the concert was a great one, and I'm looking forward to tonight's. For those curious, here was last night's set list:

Friday  Jun 4 2010
Saratoga Performing Arts Center


Big Eyed Fish *
Bartender *
Why I Am *
Seven *
Dancing Nancies *
Funny The Way It Is *
Kit Kat Jam *
Dream Girl *
Crush *
So Damn Lucky *
(Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)) *
Grace Is Gone *
Corn Bread *
(Recently) *
You and Me *
Jimi Thing *
Shake Me Like a Monkey *

So Right *
Ants Marching *

Show Notes:
* Jeff Coffin

 (song name) indicates a partial song
  indicates a segue into next song


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