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Now that it's been a week since the madness that was PAX East 2011, my brain has the time to settle down and enjoy the memories. While I enjoyed myself immensely, I don't think the total lack of sleep and healthy food did my ailing ass/crotch area any good; at the end, and since returning from PAX, the surgery area has been protesting loudly, being much more irritated and annoyed than it had been in recent weeks. All that walking probably didn't help either. Note to self: should I make it to PAX next year, I'm probably getting my own room so I can get a full night's sleep each day of the convention; as much as I'd love to be there each day from 8 AM to 2 AM (18 hours of gaming joy!), my body can't handle 5 hours of sleep a few nights in a row. So I'm taking it easy this weekend, with the only two mandatory things I need to do are editing Monday's Downloadable Content episode for release, and that whole doing-our-taxes thing.

Rather than give you a whole essay on my experience at PAX East, I'll give you the notes I took down while I was there.

PAX Day 1 )

PAX Day 2 )

PAX Day 3 )

In this Monday's episode, I will present a more cohesive version of these, and also featured will be 4 other people who went to PAX, each with a story to tell. Be sure to download it Monday from the iTunes store.

Now, loafing will continue. And BioShock 2. Yes. More of that.


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