Jan. 1st, 2009

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My beauty's only worth a measly $10?! Well...I guess in the 1930s, $10 was quite a lot. Now it barely buys lunch.

So I hope everyone had a happy and enjoyable (if somewhat drunken for some of you) new year. I spent it with April's parents, and it was enjoyable. Ate some junk, drank a lot of Coca-Cola, played Uno (in which Ryan won resoundingly), and then around 11:30, Ryan and I went head to head in the traditional year-end Monopoly game. We stopped to watch Dick Clark do his thing, I called up my family, then resumed the game when everyone else went to bed. At just after 1:30 AM, I won my 4th straight game. And Ryan learned a valuable lesson: even if you own HALF the board...never, EVER let me get Boardwalk and Park Place. NEVER. I had not landed on Park Place the entire game, so I obtained it in a trade by giving Ryan all railroads for it. With that, I owned the most dangerous side of the board--the green and blue properties. Ryan had all the violet, orange, red, yellow properties, and all railroads...I had all green and blue, and the utilities. Regardless, it was well-played on both sides. This is what the board looked like on the final move--notice all Ryan's mortgaged properties near the top.

After the game, Ryan and I decided that we want to plan a Saturday or so to play an epic game of Monopoly--I mean, play with 6 or 8 people, or whatever the max is. I have not had a long, drawn out, bloody game in a long time, and I'd love to do that. So, if any of you are free a particular Saturday...game on.

There were more Christmas gifts from April's family that I received, so I add them to the swag list:

--Mrs. Doubtfire DVD
--Star Trek: Generations DVD
--Elton John: Tumbleweed Connection CD
--James Taylor: Covers CD
--Trivial Pursuit: 25th anniversary edition
--Wii Music
--a second copy of Garrison Keillor's Liberty, which will be returned.

So we stayed there overnight, then today just kinda loafed, had a good breakfast and dinner, watched the new Get Smart movie, caught some of the Looney Tunes marathon on Cartoon Network (Bugs Bunny is the greatest cartoon character EVAR), and came home. I took tomorrow off, and so I've got a 4-day weekend. Dan H. is stopping by at some point tomorrow, staying the night. As for the weekend...right now, it's a do-nothing sort of weekend. I can't spend any money--not even my gift money, for I may need it for paying of the car--for probably the next month, as the next payday will see literally every penny of it earmarked between fixing the car and the apartment bills.

I'll have to call Sage College of Albany on Monday, because now they've confused the hell out of me. A few days ago, I got a little postcard thing from Sage telling me to "save the date" for student orientation. This is all well and good, except...I have not been given an acceptance or rejection letter yet. I am confused. Whatever the case, they're getting a call from me on Monday, because if I am accepted, I need to get the tuition vouchers immediately.

So there we are. The start of a new year. Several things I can look forward to this year...

--Pirate-Con in April
--seeing two musicals (Avenue Q and Sweeney Todd)
--Hudson Valley Mayfaire
--New York Renaissance Faire
--OUR MARRIAGE in October
--and other stuff that escapes me at the moment

And what will become of my photography this year? I'm hoping I continue to grow and get myself out there...I've begun to do already, I'd like to keep going. With a new digital SLR, things can only get better. Don't worry, I'm not entirely abandoning film.

And now, off to loafing. Or something.


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