Jan. 8th, 2009

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Sooooooooooooooo, we move along. LJ isn't being silly tonight, so I can bring these next battles to you. So far, so good in terms of results. Favorites are winning, people are getting points, and it's all good. Look for the leaderboard soon to see where everyone stands after 3 days. For now, have the next two battles. Another pair of SH womenfolk go at it tonight, with Claudia Wolf from SH3 taking on Angela Orosco from SH2. On the flip side, Elle Holloway from the just relased SH: Homecoming will take on Samael, the final boss of the first Silent Hill game.

Battle 7 Battle 8

Silent Hill, Round 1, Battle 7
(13) Claudia Wolf
(20) Angela Orosco
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Silent Hill, Round 1, Battle 8
(29) Elle Holloway
(4) Samael
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Click here to view the current Leaderboard, after 3 days of play.

Remember, once you're done voting here, go to Fantasy World, find these battles (usually the latest post) and vote there too.

Tomorrow's battles: (3) James Sunderland vs. (30) Lillian Shepherd; (19) Alex Shepherd vs. (14) Michael Kaufmann.

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I got accepted into Sage College! YAY!!!!

So, this post is titled, "Acceptance, Part I." I say that because I got accepted into the college, but not yet into the photography program. The portfolio review I kept talking about is now imminent. The review will determine if I get accepted into the program without going through the pre-requisite courses, or if I need to take the pre-requisites. Whatever the outcome, I am happy. And I will give my portfolio my best shot.

So, in my last post, I gave a probable, tentative list of the pics I was thinking about submitting. While most of the list remained intact, I did make a few changes, some as a result of the latest series of pictures I took and posted to DeviantArt. The pics have been printed and mounted on matting board, so this list is definitive and final. The 15 I'm going to submit are:

Purely Angelic (Dec. 2008)
Willing the Light (Dec. 2008)
Loving Couple (Aug. 2008)
Chapoquoit Sunset 1 (Aug. 2008)
Balancing Act (Winter 2003)
Bosom Blossom (Aug. 2008)
Roses 3 (June 2008)
The Wayward Forager (May 2008)
High and Mighty (April 2008)
Slammed (August 2007)
Morning Has Broken (July 2007)
The Church Yonder (Feb. 2007)
Proctors Theatre: Arcade (Feb. 2007)
Seagull Girl (I printed this in black and white) (April 2006)
The Happiest Pyro (August 2006)

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions, ideas and feedback on this...this is important, and means a lot. If you didn't see your suggestion, don't think I didn't listen. I did, and some of those were tossed out at the last second because I felt I may have had something better in its place. If I could, I'd submit as many as possible...the task of choosing 15 pics out of literally hundreds and hundreds of images was daunting at first, since the whole purpose of this portfolio is to show variation and the scope of my work, starting from my earliest romps with a camera back in high school to now. Note: I did not own/have a camera in 2004 and 2005, save for some cheap disposables, hence no pics from those years. Balancing Act was one of my very first images taken with an SLR, and the two images Purely Angelic and Willing the Light were taken just less than a month ago.

So again, thank you all very much, and wish me luck when I go for the review. :)


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