Feb. 2nd, 2009

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Ok. Guys. You nearly scared me. Dude. These battles...should NOT have ended in ties. When came time to check the battles...my god, how could Ada end in a tie with Billy, of all people? More shocking was the fact that BOTH battles ended in ties. So, I had to call in the tiebreaker. And count yourselves lucky. Ada and Jill will advance to the Quarterfinals, winning by virtue of tiebreaker vote! Ada beats Billy, 14-13; Jill beat Barry, 13-12. Man. After the votes were officially recorded, and the battles closed, I had to look at the brackets to see what would've happened. Had Billy and Barry won...no one would've been given points. I would've added 24 red 0's to the scoring grid. So lucky for you, nearly everyone avoided that scare. And with it, we can move on to the final battles of Round 2: Claire against Rebecca, Alexia against Wesker. Quarterfinals begin, as well as a podcast, tomorrow!

Battle 47 Battle 48

Resident Evil, Round 1, Battle 7
(7) Claire Redfield
(10) Rebecca Chambers
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Resident Evil, Round 2, Battle 8
(15) Alexia Ashford
(2) Albert Wesker
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Remember, once you're done voting here, go to Fantasy World, find these battles (usually the latest post) and vote there too.

Tomorrow's battles--Silent Hill Quarterfinals: (16) Bubble Nurse vs. (8) Maria; (12) Henry Townshend vs. (4) Samael.

EDIT: Claire and Rebecca should be Resident Evil, Round 2, Battle 7...not Round 1, Battle 7.


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