Feb. 8th, 2009

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Given the recent results of the first 2 battles of the Resident Evil Quarterfinals, this has led to a surge of participants to question the validity of said results. From the way that the favorites were slated to win, when a sudden, rapid surge of votes came for the underdogs, this has led to several of the players, myself included, to question this. From what I can gather, the vote results are so skewed, and the honest truth of the matter is that someone (or several) was deliberately voting for the clear underdogs (who until shortly before 7:30 PM yesterday were set to lose in landslide fashion, as was expected) in a very short time frame in order to mess up the standings, or skew the results in such a way so that no one would gain anything by it--in this case, points. If the current results would've led to some of you gaining points, then this would not even be an issue--this would be an upset, and I'd just tell the majority, tough shit--you didn't vote for your predicted winner. As it stands, with Alfred Ashford and Osmund Saddler having massive leads over the clear favorites, Leon and Nemesis, no one will gain any points. Which means that for the first time in contest history, everyone would be getting 0 for a night's battles. With the standings so close, and also because someone or several people went so far out of their way to skew the results that much, I am invoking my right to modify the contest, as written in the contest rules--something which I've only had to do one other time in the past 9 contests.

I've decided to resolve this by way of Sudden Death. What is going to happen is this:

1) I am going to reset the vote counts for each battle to 0.

2) I am then going to find ONE person to vote on these battles. The conditions for this voter are as follows: a) he or she can't be participating in this contest; and b) he or she can't have already voted in these battles.

3) I will create special polls for this sudden death and give the URLs to the voter to vote at. These polls won't be posted on LJ or FW, so that only the sudden death voter can place their votes. I haven't, and will not tell the voter WHO to vote for. The votes cast are NOT mine, as I've already voted , and would be violating my own rules.

4) The sudden death voter's vote is final. Whatever the outcome is what it will be, whether he or she votes on the character you predicted or not.

5) The winning characters of the sudden death polls will be announced tomorrow, at which point I will post the next battles and hope that this does not happen again.

Any questions or concerns, please ask away.


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