Feb. 10th, 2009

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First of all, I'm glad that this contest is nearing its end. This contest has been fun, and as I mentioned at the beginning of this thing, one of the reasons why I made the contest shorter was to see if I could accommodate fitting this into a full time job and taking college courses as well. Clearly, I have no time. Since college began a few weeks ago, the only times where I changed the battles on time was on weekends. On weekdays, it's anyone's guess. Today--I left for school at 7 AM, got to work at 1 PM, went back to school at 6:30 PM, went bowling at 10 PM, and I just got home, 15 hours after my day began. It's now 11 PM. So these Semifinals will end probably around 9 PM tomorrow. On another note: DUDE. When I said rally votes, I didn't think of this. Ada beat Jill 40-34. Claire beat Wesker 36-32.. And these results WILL stand, because there was a mix of predictions for both battles, unlike the last two battles, where it was totally one sided--as in, everyone got fucked over. Also: not all of you are voting in both places. On both polls, Wesker and Jill had a tiny lead on FW, but Ada and Claire's leads were on LJ, leads big enough to overturn the FW poll. So vote in both places--I provide you the damn links! So now, we head to the Silent Hill Semifinals. Tomorrow night, the Resident Evil Semifinals. And for the Semis, the points are now as follows: 250 for a fully correct pick (correct winner and pairing), 125 for getting just the winner, and 0 if you're wrong. Good luck!

Battle 57 Battle 58

Silent Hill Semifinals, Battle 1
Henry Townshend
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Silent Hill Semifinals, Battle 2
Eddie Dombrowski
Pyramid Head
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Remember, once you're done voting here, go to Fantasy World, find these battles (usually the latest post) and vote there too.

Tomorrow's battles--Resident Evil Semifinals: Leon Kennedy vs. Nemesis; Ada Wong vs. Claire Redfield.


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