Feb. 11th, 2009

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Not quite the massive turnout we had yesterday, but still great nonetheless. I have to say, with all honesty, that this is not the Silent Hill Final matchup that I expected--and judging by your brackets, I could say the same. But that's what happens in this contests--upsets happen. More people have been voting in this contest than ever before, many of them not even competing in this, so the old idea of not voting because you KNEW that a favorite would get enough votes to blow out the opponent--and therefore not need your vote--is definitely not working. Your complacency has resulted in quite a number of characters you thought were going to lose actually advancing all the way to the Finals. And apparently, judging by these Semifinal results, you thought Pyramid Head was going to win in a blowout over Eddie. I'm sad to say that the reverse is true. Eddie beat Pyramid Head 20-9, and with Henry Townshend beating Maria 19-10, our Silent Hill Final is going to be Henry Townshend of SH4 going against Eddie Dombrowski of SH2! And these results are official. 10 of you had Pyramid Head to win this battle--but he only got 9 votes. But hey--they're YOUR points. You don't vote, you don't win, you don't get points--and with the leaderboard so close, all you need is a couple of these final battles to very possibly win it ALL. That battle will take place tomorrow night. For now, we head to the Resident Evil Semifinals: Leon takes on Nemesis, and Ada takes on Claire? Who advances to the Final? VOTE!

Battle 59 Battle 60

Resident Evil Semifinals, Battle 1
Leon Kennedy
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Resident Evil Semifinals, Battle 2
Ada Wong
Claire Redfield
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Remember, once you're done voting here, go to Fantasy World, find these battles (usually the latest post) and vote there too.

Tomorrow, a leaderboard update, showing where everyone stands as we head to the Finals.

Tomorrow's battle (1 battle tomorrow): Silent Hill FINAL--Henry Townshend vs. Eddie Dombrowski.


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