Feb. 12th, 2009

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And the vote turnout just dropped off the map. The huge turnouts we had for the Semifinals apparently for the rest of the Semifinals became reduced to whimpers...but regardless, I have to declare winners based on what we have, and so the Resident Evil Final is going to be Leon Kennedy versus Claire Redfield, an all RE2 pairing! Leon beat Nemesis 7-5, and Claire beat out Ada 8-4. Several of you benefitted, nabbing the all-important points. Points are going to be very hard to come by, with 4 battles left to play, and whoever gets those could very well be declared winner. The two Division Finals have 500 points each riding on them (250 for getting the winner only, 0 if you're wrong). But before I begin the Silent Hill Final, here's how the leaderboard looks as we head to the Finals--and suddenly, we find ourselves with the fact that Joshie's run at the top came to an end--with 28 days at the top, he broke his own personal best of 25 straight days in 1st, making him 2nd all-time on that list. Well done! But now, with the leaderboard in disarray, it's important for you to vote and to nab these important points. It may be that just getting ONE of these final 4 battles is enough to hurl you to the top. So good luck. And now--the Silent Hill Final.

Battle 61

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Silent Hill Final
Henry Townshend Eddie Dombrowski   

Remember, once you're done voting here, go to Fantasy World, find this battle (usually the latest post) and vote there too.

Tomorrow's battle (1 battle tomorrow): Resident Evil FINAL--Leon Kennedy vs. Claire Redfield.


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