Feb. 20th, 2009

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I told you I'd get this second half up tonight. :) Joshie, Biccy, and I leave off where the first half ended, continuing on with hilarity as we run down the final results, who picked what to win, useless stats, and on a slightly more serious note, what the next contest will be. More wit awaits! Download the second half right here. I've already been given feedback on the first half, so keep it coming for the second half. Or if you just wanna be lazy and check out the final leaderboard, go here. It may shock you. A huge congratulations to the winners, the people who survived this slop. In all seriousness, though, to the people who voted, served as tiebreakers, and all who participated--thanks very much for playing. I love doing these, as we all know, and I would appreciate it if you provided feedback on the contest--this was the first of the new, shorter format; so tell me what you liked, didn't like, would like to see improved--anything. Hopefully we see all of you and more for the summer contest, which is on pace to begin in mid-June. Once again, I do these because they're fun, the people who participate seem to enjoy it, and of course, the prizes. Thank you so much to everyone, and a big thanks to Joshie for letting me commandeer Fantasy World for a month to do this. Download, provide feedback, and I'll be talking to you all on Fantasy World!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?gmqgaventoo
Size: 39 MB
Length: approximately 43 minutes
Hosts: Joshie, Biccy, me

Music Credits:

Intro to 2nd half: Promise (Silent Hill 2)
Leaderboard to 3rd place: Save Theme (Resident Evil 4)
3rd place music: Piano Roll (Resident Evil: Code Veronica)
2nd place music: The Second Chopper 2 (Resident Evil 3)
1st place music: Special End Title (Resident Evil 2)
Closing: End Credits (Resident Evil 2)


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