Mar. 26th, 2009

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So last time I updated this thing was nearly 2 weeks ago, when I was in Rosendale with Wyatt et. al, watching a play-through of RE5. Since then, not too much has happened. Work, college, and more of the same. Although, after nearly 2 months of non-stop work and college, with sleep at a premium, it caught up to me this week. Since Sunday, I've been battling what was diagnosed yesterday as a likely upper respiratory infection, and as a result, knocked me out of work for two days thus far. This is what happens when your body doesn't get enough rest, boys and girls. Yesterday seems to have been the worst of it, with fever, headache, sore throat, cough, stuffy and runny nose, and sneezing all coming together in one glorious chorus of opposed to Sunday to Tuesday, where this was coming in stages--a fever one day, headache another, and so on. Currently, the fever, sore throat, and runny nose are gone, leaving me with a current desire to get a new nose. I didn't know one nose could produce that much snot.

Yesterday, other than going to the doctor, was spent entirely in bed. My lovely, caring Nurse April (I can't thank her enough), plied me with liquids and meds when she wasn't busy writing or chatting online, and I also watched the entire first two series of Red Dwarf.

Today, I went back to work after class, feeling well enough to do so, and I'm currently back home, in which I'll probably lie on the couch and watch TV or play some games until bed. It is my hope that this clears up by Saturday, when Danielle makes her return trip to the East Coast. She's here on limited engagement, only for a week, but I don't wish to be sick while she's here.

And that's really it. Thanks to those who wished and still wish me well. I hope this feeling better trend will continue. When I'm feeling completely better, I have a couple of new black and white rolls to scan in, and put up on my dA.

For now, I rest.


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