May. 20th, 2009

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It is officially here, and with that, I bid you all welcome. Welcome to the Metal Gear Character Battle Contest! The theme for this contest was in large part chosen by you last year, as the runner-up in what the next theme should be. This contest comprises sixty-four (64) characters from the Metal Gear series of video games, spanning as far back as the NES, and leading up to the current generation. This is a standard single elimination style, comprised of 64 characters pulled from the series, divided into two divisions. The object here is to gain the most points by correctly predicting winners of each contest battle (a poll in which two video game characters are pitted against each other), in order to win the prize! This page will cover everything you ever wanted to know about this contest. This contest is being hosted on my LiveJournal once again, and also on a brand new web site, Late to the Party.

What's that, you say? What happened to Fantasy World, where the contests have been done since they began? Well, after six years, the brainchild behind it, Joshie (C&T or CloudANDTidus to some of you) simply no longer has the time to devote to maintaining a community-based website such as FW. However, his devotion to video games and writing about them have not fallen by the wayside, as what can happen in real life, so he has created a new site, one that is more discussion and blog-based (where blog contributors can sound off on all things video games, retro and new alike), called Late to the Party. The site went live earlier this week, and right now, it's looking to expand its pool of blog writers, so, if interested, feel free to express your interest to Joshie at

It was also decided by Joshie and I to christen the new site by having my 10th character battle contest on it, and so here we are. The contest will also be held simultaneously on this LiveJournal, so we've kept the ability for everyone to vote twice per battle.

So what's different in this contest over the last one, Silent Evil? Other than the new site and the theme of this contest, absolutely nothing. The point system and prizes remain the same, where you go to make the bracket is the same, giving returning players the nice familiarity we've come to love in these contests.

To learn what the contest is about, or to refresh yourselves on the points, prizes, and other stuff, including links to begin making your contest entry (and an image gallery of the characters competing), check out the CB10: Metal Gear FAQ today! Returning players may wish to look at the FAQ, as there has been one or two modifications to the rules.

Signups will end at midnight ET, June 12, 2009. I will not accept late entries unless you have a damn good reason. Contest begins around 7:30 ET on Monday, June 15.

As always, fan art is welcome. Also, stay tuned--a series of 5 podcasts for this contest are being planned. Check back when I've posted dates--anyone who wishes to be part of a podcast, let me know. Good luck!


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