Jul. 1st, 2009

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Two days, two upsets. The same 4 or 5 who benefited from Gene's shocking win over Major Zero benefited from Raging Raven's close win over Vulcan Raven, thus assuring that 2 of the Beauty and the Beast Corps from MGS4 will advance to the 2nd round. I don't know if the majority of you just didn't vote or got complacent, thinking that Vulcan Raven (and yesterday, Major Zero) was gonna take an easy win, but hey, they're your points. The only ones who will thank you are the 4 or 5 players who nabbed points for predicting heavy underdogs. It shakes up the leaderboard, and we will have an update tonight. Tomorrow, the last battles of Round 1 will be posted, and then on Friday, we will have a halftime break, and a podcast. So far, looks like we've got a couple of guests to join--if all is good with Joshie, we'll begin around 8 PM ET on Friday night. But for now, we move to the next set of battles. Remember to vote at Late to the Party when you've finished placing your votes here. Two of those 4 who benefited from the upset victories are now in 1st. Check out the current standings.

Battle 29 Battle 30

Outer Haven Division, Round 1, Battle 13
(7) Volgin
(26) Python
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Outer Haven Division, Round 1, Battle 14
(10) Fortune
(23) Ursula
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Tomorrow's battles: (15) The Sorrow vs. (18) FROGs; (31) Kyle Schneider vs. (2) Liquid Snake.


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