Jul. 2nd, 2009

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After two days containing upsets, it went back to somewhat of an expected result--Volgin and Fortune won their respective battles, which now brings us to the final battles of the first half. After tomorrow, Character Battle 10 will be half over, and we will be taking a break until Sunday night. In Round 2, the points double and the stakes are higher. But first, Joshie, Tania, myself, and possibly Peter will be recording the halftime podcast. Recording will begin tomorrow at 8 PM ET whether anyone decides to join me or not. With that all said, we now press on to the final battles of the half. Remember to vote at Late to the Party when you've finished placing your votes here.

Battle 31 Battle 32

Outer Haven Division, Round 1, Battle 15
(15) The Sorrow
(18) FROG
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Outer Haven Division, Round 1, Battle 16
(31) Kyle Schenider
(2) Liquid Snake
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Tomorrow's battles: None until Sunday, 7/5. Halftime!

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To those who are slated to record tomorrow night: I'll be on Skype shortly before 8 PM ET-to find me on Skype, do a search for a contact--type in LLoire, and there I'll be. You'll also see my full name in the search. If I don't have your Skype contact info, leave a comment with it, and I'll add it.


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