Jul. 9th, 2009

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It's been over two weeks since I last posted anything not related to my current Character Battle, so I thought I'd bring you all up to speed in the goings-on of the Life of Brian. For the last 15 days, April and I had our friend, Danielle, over here, spending her semester break relaxing and enjoying herself. It's probably the last time we'll see her until after she graduates from art school in Las Vegas, which is probably in a year or so. Much fun was had by all--she, along with April, myself, Dan H., and his friend Alison went to go see a broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion from Tanglewood in Lenox, MA. We got soaked, but stayed throughout the show including the hour-plus of encores. It was a great show--it featured Martin Sheen, Steve Martin (although he was playing banjo instead of playing his usual comedic self), Stuart Duncan, and Arlo Guthrie. Dan H., in fact, spent the entire first weekend of Danielle's stay here with us before he headed down to Suffern and back. We were also graced by a Peter and Erica at some point, as well as April's brother, Ryan.

April and Danielle got to be geeky as well as productive, working on their joint project--a graphic novel, which will hopefully, someday, get published. For my part, I took pictures...because that's what I do, you see. Other things we did while she was here--we went to Thatcher Park for a bit, played tennis, mini golf, and had dinner at April's parents' a couple of times, including July 4. It was good fun, but she went home yesterday, beginning what will most likely be a hard, grueling grind to the end of her college career. If you haven't, check her art out at her deviantArt. Good stuff. I'm sure she would appreciate if any of you asked for commissions.

But now that she's left, and it's back to April and I once more, I'll most likely be back online--I'd been barely on Trillian these last two and a half weeks. In other news, April got promoted AGAIN--she is zipping up the State ladder at a very fast rate, it seems. It seems like she barely gets settled in her current position before another promotion opportunity comes along and she nabs it. It's a plus to working in such a large agency like the Department of Labor. The Lottery is small, and in light of the current economy, there's been barely any job postings--none that I could gun for, anyway. Not that I'm complaining--I like where I am. It's a small office, the people are fun, and my boss is AWESOME. That, and they are putting up with my now constant adjusting of my work schedule so that I could go to college. So yesterday, shortly after we said farewell to Danielle, I took April to the Olive Garden, at her request. I owed her a promotion dinner when she got promoted to her current job last winter. I was broke then, paying for college and stuff, so I promised her a dinner when I was back above water. I didn't know she would get promoted AGAIN, though. So last night was sort of an omnibus promotion dinner, and it made for a nice evening.

I bought a couple of new video games, and one old one: the old one being Chrono Trigger. After loaning my PS1 copy out to a friend, I have not seen it again since I lent it 3 years ago, despite repeated attempts by myself and others to get it back. So Amazon marked down the price of Final Fantasy Chronicles (the two-disc set of FF4 and Chrono Trigger) and I decided to get it again, declaring my original PS1 copy a lost cause. This means I now have two copies of Final Fantasy 4 for PS1. Anyone want to buy one off me?

The other games are Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Both I've yet to start, but they look promising.

And that's where we stand now. This weekend looks to be a weekend to ourselves--not that we mind company, but we haven't had a weekend to ourselves in a couple of months. In 9 days or so, April and I will head to Tanglewood again for the annual Film Night, with the Boston Pops conducted by John Williams, who will be performing works from the movies of Warner Bros., including a few of Williams's own work. And then, of course, the weekend of August 1st is the opening weekend of the New York Renaissance Faire. HUZZAH!

So, yeah, that's the condensed version of the last couple of weeks. Danielle, I hope you enjoyed your time here--the 15 days flew, but I hope you had fun. Before you know it, you'll graduate and be free. Until then, just take it a day at a time. (hugs)

But now, back to our regularly scheduled life, already in progress. Your moment of Zen:

I'd just like to say a few words before the communion. You know, a lot of prospective brides ask me these days, "Father, what is the church's attitude towards fellatio?" And I tend to reply by telling them a little story about the first time I was asked that question. It was a couple of years ago, a young attractive bride to be came up to me after the service and asked me just that question. "Father, what is the church's attitude towards fellatio?" And I replied, "Well, you know, Joanne, I'd like to tell you, but unfortunately, I don't know what fellatio is!" And so, she showed me. And ever since, whenever anyone has asked me the question "Father, what is the church's attitude towards fellatio?" I always reply, "Well, you know, I'd like to tell you... but unfortunately, I don't know what fellatio is!"--Rowan Atkinson, playing a role of a priest on Rowan Atkinson Live
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A close battle between The Colonel Roy Campbell and the sexy Mei Ling, but it would be the underdog Mei Ling who won by 4 votes. Taking a quick look at the brackets, this will be considered an upset, since more than half of you wanted Roy to win, including Nilfalasiel. This, alas, will end her 17-battle win streak, but will not end her current run at the top. Her lead was 100 points, but we'll see if it decreases. As I said, nearly all of you wanted Roy to win--but the final tally shows otherwise. Regardless, Mei Ling will face Naked Snake in the Quarterfinals--Naked Snake won very easily over Drebin. So now we go to the second half of Round 2, beginning the Outer Haven's turn. Remember to vote at Late to the Party when you've finished placing your votes here. Twenty days in, and Nilfalasiel gets just her 2nd loss. However, her lead drops to 50 points. Check it out.

Battle 41 Battle 42

Outer Haven, Round 2, Battle 1
(1) Revolver Ocelot
(16) Laughing Octopus
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Outer Haven, Round 2, Battle 2
(8) Sniper Wolf
(9) The End
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Tomorrow's battles: (5) Psycho Mantis vs. (12) The Fury; (13) Fatman vs. (4) Solidus Snake.


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