Jul. 10th, 2009

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And so the Outer Haven's crack at the 2nd round went off smoothly. Revolver Ocelot and Sniper Wolf both posted easy victories over their opponents, and in doing so, makes the group in 2nd place a little larger. Despite the easy wins for Ocelot and Wolf, both Hitman and Nilfalasiel both missed on that second battle. As a result, her run at the top remains intact as she holds on to a 25-point lead. Be wary, though, Nil--a mob starts to grow behind you. Before we head to the next set of battles, I just want to make it known that Round 2 will end this Monday night, in which I will be doing another podcast. Anyone who wants in on Monday night's recording, please make yourselves known. Ok. Battle on. Oh yeah--this time, I got the images RIGHT for The Fury and the Fear. While both made it through to Round 2, they may not make it out, so I made sure to use the correct images. Remember to vote at Late to the Party when you've finished placing your votes here. And now, your leaderboard after Day 21.

Battle 41 Battle 42

Outer Haven, Round 2, Battle 3
(5) Psycho Mantis
(12) The Fury
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Outer Haven, Round 2, Battle 4
(13) Fatman
(4) Solidus Snake
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Tomorrow's battles: (30) Gene vs. (14) The Fear; (6) Vamp vs. (22) Raging Raven.


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