Jul. 17th, 2009

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The Quarterfinals have ended, and now our Semifinals are set up. On Sunday, we will have our Virtuous Semifinals--Solid Snake vs. Raiden and The Boss vs. Naked Snake. The points for the Semifinals are as follows: 250 points for a fully correct prediction, 125 for getting just the winner, and 0 if you're wrong. So I wish you all luck there. Most of you have a chance to get some very decent points here--some more than others. As I just scored the battles for the four Outer Haven Quarterfinals--wow, what a difference 2 days makes. Ocelot and Mantis won their battles yesterday, as I said. Vamp and Liquid won tonight's, and still, the fight for 2nd and 3rd continue. However, poor Zack, who'd been fighting so long in 2nd and 3rd for pretty much the whole contest, did not get a single battle correct in the Outer Haven Quarterfinals, and sank to 7th place. I can only hope his champion is somewhere in the Virtuous Division for him to have a shot at climbing back. E and myself took all 4 Outer Haven battles--I zip up to 4th, and E, while still hanging near the bottom, moved up a few spots. Saya and Liam were in 2nd, and remain in second. Nilfalasiel, Saya, Liam, and C&T all got the same amount of points, so Nil keeps her 150-point lead as we head to the Semifinals. So here's the leaderboard--it's got a little bit of a new look now: you'll notice in the Battles Behind column, you see things like <1, <2, etc. Because the points for the next 4 battles are 250 each, <1 means that you're less than 250 points behind. <2 means less than 500 points behind, etc. So enjoy your weekend--the contest resumes Sunday night.



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