Jul. 18th, 2009

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It's been a quiet week in Scotia, my current hometown, out near the edge of...Saratoga, I guess? Doesn't have the same ring to it as Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon, but it'll have to do. It was a busy week for me in terms of work--one of my co-workers went on a mini-vacation, taking off the last 3 days. So I had to learn her job in a bit of a hurry. However, I'm convinced that she conspired with the Lottery's regional offices, and told them to dump 8 days' worth of work on me. When Danielle was here, I took 3 days off during the week, and the roles were reversed--except she barely got anything for me. I'm not complaining--it made the week go by very quickly. And now this weekend looks to be good. Later on, April and I are heading to Tanglewood for the second time this summer. Tonight we're seeing the Boston Pops, conducted by John Williams. The orchestra will be doing their annual Film Night, in which Williams and the Pops perform movie scores, including some of John's own work. There is usually a theme to the evening, and this year, works performed will be from various Warner Bros. movies. It looks to be a great night.

Tomorrow, April and I intend to go see the new Harry Potter movie, and that's really it until the end of this month. On July 28, April, Ryan, and I are going to see a performance of RENT, as the touring company comes back to Proctors Theatre right here in Schenectady. While they were here last year, this year looks to be even better for the simple fact that this performance will star the two original male leads--Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal, playing Mark and Roger, respectively. And then on July 31, the three of us head downstate for the opening weekend of this year's New York Renaissance Faire, of which I'm particularly looking forward to. Maybe I'll get a rapier for my costume this year. August is going to be a month where April and I are out and about, so it seems. We have the opening weekend of Faire, two more shows at Tanglewood, a 9-day vacation...yeah, it'll be fun. :)

If I didn't mention it in my last post, April got a promotion at the Department of Labor. Congrats to her--I'm hope she's happy with her new job. She begins this Thursday, and the only downer in this whole thing is that we won't get to go camping with my family--my family's planning a camping trip to the Delaware River, and with April staring her new job...I don't think she can justify asking for 5 days off after being at her new job for two. Alas.

Last weekend, April and I took a day trip to Bennington, VT, and I took two rolls of pictures. Some of those went up on my deviantART, and so you should check them out.

And that's it. Coming up this week is the last week of Character Battle 10. It ends this Friday, and we shall crown a champion. In the meantime, I've begun yet another video game--Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, for the DS. It's Sonic's first RPG, and I'm guessing Sega thought that if Mario could do so well in an RPG setting, so should Sonic. So far, it's holding true. I'm enjoying it.

All righty, time to get off here and make ready for Tanglewood. Enjoy the weekend!


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