Jul. 21st, 2009

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Wow, you guys. Looks like my call for votes, any votes, to prevent what could've been a tiebreaker, seemed to work, but not without drama. In the final 45 minutes of voting, Psycho Mantis had a 1-vote lead. Shortly after the call for votes, the lead grew to 3 votes. Twenty minutes left, and suddenly they were tied. Shortly before I went to dinner, someone snuck in a vote on my LJ for Ocelot, giving him a 1-vote lead, and it managed to hold until time expired. Ocelot ended up beating Psycho Mantis by a final of 16-15, in a battle that, according to the contest entries, should NOT have been close. 1 of you wanted Psycho to win, and had he won, Tania would've benefited, tacking on an extra 125 to her score while the 11 who predicted Ocelot would've had a fat 0. With Ocelot's win, that gives Tania her 6th loss for the contest, which is AMAZING. She maintains her spot at the top for the 19th straight day, but her lead is now down to 125 points. Somehow, I've won the last 10 battles in a row, and because of it, I'm in 2nd place. Saya drops to 3rd, 150 points behind Tania. The rally for votes also helped to further embarrass Vamp, who lost to Liquid in a 24-5 blowout. But now we move onto the Division Finals. 500 points each here, with 250 for getting just the winner. I'm happy to say that almost all of you still have your champions in play, so VOTE LIKE CRAZY. The winners advance to the Championship battle, which goes up on Thursday night. Tomorrow, it's the Losers' Match. Good luck! Remember to vote at Late to the Party when you've finished placing your votes here. Here is your leaderboard as we head to the Division Finals.

Battle 61 Battle 62

Virtuous Final
(1) Solid Snake
(2) Naked Snake
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Outer Haven Final
(1) Revolver Ocelot
(2) Liquid Snake
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Tomorrow's battle: CB10 Losers' Match--Loser of Virtuous Final vs. Loser of Outer Haven Final.


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