Jul. 23rd, 2009

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Another close battle, everyone. I didn't think the Losers' Match battle would be so close, but it was. Looking at the results, it was abundantly clear that not everyone voted in both places--it was 13-7 in Liquid's favor on my LJ and 6-3 in Naked Snake's favor on Late to the Party. As a result, Liquid has won the Losers' Match, by a final score of 16-13! While the close battle was great, there's just one small problem. No one had Liquid to win the Loser's Match, even though 3 of you had him in it. In addition, 3 people had Naked Snake to win, but alas, Liquid's victory denied those 3 people of what might be crucial points. I'm impressed, though--for the first time this contest, no one scored in a battle. As a result, there is no change to the leaderboard, so I will not be posting a new one up tonight. Which now brings us to the FINAL BATTLE. This is it, folks. 2500 points belong to you if you get the winner and have the lucky pairing of Solid Snake and Ocelot. 1250 will be yours for predicting just the winner. Will Nilfalasiel or anyone else stage a comeback and knock me off the top spot, or will I claim my 2nd ever contest win? The last time I won was back in 2005, when I held the Super Smash Melee contest (or, the 3rd character battle contest for all us old folk). Before I go, I just want to remind everyone that I will be recording the final podcast tomorrow night, starting around 8 PM ET. Anyone who wants in, please tell me so. On that note, I give you the Metal Gear Championship Battle begins now. I wish everyone the best of luck. Vote like mad, folks. Remember to vote at Late to the Party when you've finished placing your votes here.


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Metal Gear Championship
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