Oct. 11th, 2009

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So I've been married for 1 week now. The ring on my finger has not gotten heavy as of yet, nor have April and I shot each other. But for those who have asked, and those yet to ask, the ceremony went very well, and very smoothly. Our minister, Victoria, was awesome as she performed a wonderful ceremony that included a blurb from the blessing on St. Patrick's breastplate, the short little wedding blurb I wrote (see last LJ post), vows written by April, and a handfasting to unify us. I was concerned on the wedding day because my stepdad was in one of his patented miserable moods--the type that sucks all positive energy right out of the room, the type that could cause someone who was happy to become miserable in seconds without knowing how or why he or she got there. Naturally, I couldn't get anything out of him, but as my family met April's family and the day wore on, his mood, thankfully, lifted. The two families got along wonderfully--my mom and now my mother-in-law are Facebook friends. Bob got along amazingly with April's dad, and it was an awesome day. The only downer was the couple of days afterward, where April seemingly picked up her dad's head cold, and so instead of spending Monday (which we both took the day off work) going out to eat, playing tennis, or whatever, I spent it taking care of April. My first official act as husband was to run out to CVS to get April some Sudafed and ginger ale.

That cold and general feeling of blah lasted most of the week, with April finally starting to feel better yesterday, and much more so today. The only thing I'm feeling bummed over is that her being sick, plus the sheer amount of work my drawing professor piled on the class (because the college is off for Columbus Day weekend) caused us to cancel the weekend's trip to Cape Cod, and subsequently, King Richard's Faire. It means that our next trip to Cape Cod will very likely be Thanksgiving. I gripe about it now, but I have to remember that I asked for it...I wanted to go back to school to finish what I started 6 years ago, so this is the price I have to pay. On the plus side, I'm off work and school until Wednesday, so I have plenty of time to get my assignments done...however, should anyone feel like visiting to distract me, I won't object.

I bought the new Kingdom Hearts game for the DS...and I'm happy to announce that it's still in its shrink wrap. That's the other downer when every minute of your time is either spent at school or work--no free time, no time for video games. I've only beaten 5 video games this year, and I'll be lucky if I finish another one or two before the year ends. The backlog is becoming so bad that games I have yet to play are still sitting, unopened, still in their shrink wrap, games I've purchased months ago, and have every intention of playing, but just haven't had the damn time. Again, such is life.

Wedding pics will be going up on Facebook some time this weekend, after I get done editing them for red-eye and color.

Also, something I wanna throw out there for anyone who's web-savvy: anyone know how to make web sites? With the 11th Character Battle contest coming up in a few months (the theme is Kingdom Hearts, for those who forgot), I want to make a website totally devoted to these contests. While running them on my LJ and on Joshie's websites (Fantasy World and Late to the Party) have been great, I'm finding two things: one, while the contests are great and bring traffic to the LJ and Joshie's sites, the problem lies in what happens when contests end--traffic comes to a dead halt, especially for Joshie's site. His site is based on video games, opinion pieces, and general discussion about video games, and I'm not liking the fact that it's my contests alone dictate when his site is active or dead. Problem two: Joshie solely runs that site, from its maintenance and upkeep, to all technical issues. He now has a full-time job, and as such, I've seen him online less than ten times in the last six or so months. The boy's busy, and if I'm running a contest on it and something goes wrong, contacting him's gonna be tricky. So this is why I want a site of my own for the sole purpose of running the contest...but I lack the knowledge to make web pages, so if anyone wants to chat with me about creating a page, talk to me.

And on that note, time to hop in bed, where the wife is already fast asleep. Nighty night, all.


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