Oct. 13th, 2009

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Naturally, a 4-day weekend speeds by and feels like 2 days, when a 4-day workweek feels like 8. Naturally. Where the hell did the last 4 days go? Oh, yeah, drawing. Still, there was some fun sprinkled in there, like finishing a tennis match that April and I started a few weeks ago. Although, maybe I shouldn't play suspended games with her, because these last 2 games, when we've picked up where we left off, end up in losses for me. The two times I've won have been in non-stop, straight set plays. Still, much fun. We also went to Red Lobster last night, and feasted. Also watched a lot of baseball, and realized that this first round of playoffs have contained two themes: blatant bad umpiring (but yet, instant replay in full capacity is not in baseball because people are purists and like the human element of the game as opposed to you know, actually getting calls right), and the fact that closing pitchers suddenly can't do what they've done all season--close the game and preserve the win (with the exception of Mariano Rivera, because I'm convinced he isn't human--the rare moments he actually does fail are because his battery's running low or they forgot to WD-40 his arm or something). So now, it's down to Angels vs. Yankees, of which I'm forced to now hope the Angels get through to the World Series. But since there's no baseball until Thursday night, I'm free to start my next drawing assignment. JOY.

However, this upcoming weekend will see a couple of bright spots when I'm not once again confined to the drawing pad--April and I will be going apple-picking, which means much in the way of utter deliciousness will be in store, in the form of pies, cakes, donuts, and cider. I can't wait. :)

So, in the last post, I mentioned that I'm looking for a website of my own to run my Character Battle contests. The more I saw your comments and the more I thought about it, I realized I wanted something that doesn't require maintenance, and can be resurrected from death whenever there's no contest--and one that can be made to be edited with each new contest. Remember my stated reasons for looking for a new home--Joshie's sites (Fantasy World and Late to the Party) are about gaming. They're about gamers, for gamers. My contests should not be the focus of his sites. As a result, it's to the point where traffic on his sites completely goes dead when one of these contests ends, which, unfortunately, was not what I wanted. Both Joshie and I thought that having the contests on his site would spark interest on the site beyond just a simple place to host the contest...alas, it wasn't meant to be. Also, because Joshie has a full-time job, getting in contact with him has been next to impossible--not his fault in the slightest; having full-time employment does rob you of the things you like to do, it's the sad truth--but since Joshie controls every aspect of his site, should something go wrong, getting in contact will be tricky. Unless Late to the Party sees some serious upsurge in traffic in the next couple of months, then the contest will move to a new location. I hope it does, but as there's been TWO posts to the site since my last contest ended on July 25...yeah. No fault to anyone, but life happens.

I'm giving heavy thought to bringing the contest back to an old-time message-board site--not the old Fantasy World or my old creation, Into the Lifestream, no, no--but a message board created SOLELY for the contests. Amongst my reasons for leaving the message-board website was, for starters, Joshie was leaving Sudden Launch (where the original Fantasy World was) to make his own website, and the contest moved with it, and secondly, I did not know how to get around the fact that in order to vote on Fantasy World, you HAD to register as a member (this could not change--this was a setting created by Sudden Launch, and admins couldn't do a thing). While a great idea in theory (to make people actually register on the site so that they could vote, in the hopes that they'd stick around after the contest ended and chat in the message boards), it ended up with Joshie getting a lot of new members who actually wouldn't post--people who'd only stick around for the contests and leave. The benefits of having a message board on Sudden Launch is that it's a nice way to organize stuff, and now that I've figured out how to get around the whole mess of having it so that you must register to vote on the site, making it so that anyone on the planet can now vote, it's looking viable. Also, I can actually put the site into a "suspended" mode when a contest is not running to prevent spammers or trolls from mucking about with it in between contests. I can also put up stuff from past contests. All in all, doesn't require too much maintenance. But we'll see. It's looking likely. Once I decide, I'll let you know.

But for now, time to relax. A 3-day workweek begins tomorrow.


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