Oct. 23rd, 2009

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Just wanted to make you aware of some of the upcoming things regarding Character Battle XI: Kingdom Hearts. Some major, major changes are in store, some of it being experimental (by which if they end up working in this contest, you'll likely see these in future contests), others more permanent.

First, the biggest one: the Character Battle contests are moving to a new home. After having Character Battles 3-10 on my LiveJournal (and all 10 on Joshie's sites--Fantasy World and its incarnations, as well as Late to the Party), the contests are moving to a wholly unique and permanent site. My reasons are as follows: the main reason is that Joshie's site, Late to the Party, is about gaming. It's written by gamers, for gamers, and talks about all issues gaming. That's the focus of the site. In the last few contests, I've noticed that these contests seem to have become the focus of his site, and as such, they dictate when his site is busy or dead. I wanted these contests to be something fun, off to the side, but since my last contest ended, there has been hardly any traffic. Secondly, Joshie runs and maintains his site all by himself. As he now has a job, it's become very, very difficult to get in touch with him. Should something go wrong during the contest, it's going to take a while to fix. Not his fault, but when there's a 5-hour time difference, that's what happens. While I'm trying to update battles, he's in bed. Finally, I want to shift my LJ back to the goings-on in my life. So there we go. The Character Battle Contests will now have their own site, which will go back to how they were originally--on a message-board style site. So, look for the new site when sign-ups begin in early December!

Secondly, to replace the fact that the contests are moving off my LJ and Late to the Party, I have created a LiveJournal community devoted to the contests. Battles will not be posted here; however, you can view scores, news, and if you're too lazy to visit my site, I'll be providing links to each battle. Speaking of battles…

Thirdly, I am going to make the contest battles one vote only. In all my contests past, you had the ability to vote twice; once on my LJ, and once on Fantasy World/Late to the Party. However, in recent contests, it became abundantly clear that not everyone was utilizing that ability, ending up in some lopsided and strange battles, where one character would be winning on one site, but trailing horribly on the other, thus pissing off whoever voted on the losing site. So I'm just going to give all players and voters one vote, and ALL battles will be done on the new site. Not only will make tracking and tabulating easier for me, it'll also halve my nightly workload by not having specialized HTML for everywhere I put battles.

Fourth, and this is definitely an experiment: I am going to expand the prize pool. Since the third contest, I've been giving prizes to the players finishing in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. For this contest, since I'm hoping for a big turnout, I am going to give prizes for people finishing in 1st to 5th. More details on how I set that up when I release the FAQ.
And lastly, in the first week of November, I am going to post the audience-participation part of this pre-contest. Remember how I said at the end of the last contest that I was going to need your help to make the Kingdom Hearts bracket? That's coming up. Of the 64 entries, I've filled 32 of them. You will help me fill the remaining 32 slots by telling me what characters from the KH universe (Disney and FF characters--except Cloud and Sephiroth) you'd like to see. The 32 characters most requested will make it into the bracket. Full details at the start of November.

And that's it, really. The contests move to a new site soon, and I must send out a big thank you to Joshie, for letting me use your sites for 5 years. Now I think its time that these get their own home, and let your site be what you intended it to be. Thank you so much, and I hope you'll partake of Kingdom Hearts--after all, you and Zack are the only two people who's played EVERY contest.


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