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I really should get back to updating this thing more often.

The sad thing is, when I started using LiveJournal back in 2003, EVERYONE was using it, like a drug. Facebook and MySpace were not in the mainstream as of yet, and that's how we all kept each other abreast of our lives. It helped me to keep track of long-distance friends (most of them, anyway), and it was a great way to get the day's thoughts out. It still is, in my opinion.

However, nearly everyone on my friends' list no longer uses LJ, since it would appear that the act of writing anything longer than 140 characters is now onerous and boring. I do miss the days where I could check my LJ daily and see a plethora of entries from a bunch of friends, before the annoying FarmVille messages and Mafia Wars crap came into play, where all that we dealt with were memes. Now, only a tiny handful (maybe ten or so, tops) post with any sort of regularity, and while my friends' list barely changed (the list is somewhere between 80-90 friends), sometimes my LJ Friends' page can sit still for a couple of days without a single update.

Facebook's not all bad--after all, we can now get brief updates from our friends in real-time, and it's a great social networking hub. However, I miss the details of their daily lives, no matter how inane. We've become so busy that the act of writing anything more than a few sentences is cumbersome.

Ehh, call me old-fashioned, I guess. I, too, am guilty of neglecting this thing--since I started having a regular, stable job, and more recently, since going back to school, this thing hasn't been as busy as it once was--I suspect that's much the case now with my friends who joined LJ around the same time. Many of them have graduated, moved on in life, have careers, may even now be married and have kids. Free time's at a premium, and I understand that.

However, I should strive to get back to posting on a near-daily basis again, even if only a few still read this LJ.

With that said, I'm heading to New Paltz this weekend, so I expect to write a weekend recap, and hopefully the narration that'll follow crackles and pops with incendiary wit.

After all, this LJ is called "A Bit of Wit."
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I've really blown through my quota of doctor's visits, prescriptions, and needles for the year, and we're only in June.

Hopefully, after this past week, I'm done with them until my normally scheduled check-ups.

I may have told you back in January that I picked up some food poisoning from eating some undercooked beef at the 99.

This led to a flare-up of Crohn's, and so I was put on a steroid to tame it and get my digestive system back to a status of no pain. The problem with this steroid, while effective (I'm now pain-free in the digestive system), it had one pretty important side effect: it's also an immunosuppressant. Unfortunately, since Crohn's is an auto-immune disorder, many of the treatments for a flare-up require you to suppress the immune system.

As a result, I developed an abscess in my crotch. It became painful to sit, cough, go to the bathroom, bend over...and so, I then had to get treated for it. Treatment for abscesses require it to be opened and drained, and then going on antibiotics for a couple of weeks.

I now know what a woman feels like every month, since I now have a surgical dressing wedged in my crotch. It's a very unnerving feeling having a needle, then a scalpel, go between your legs.

So, yeah, in review: food poisoning in January --> flare-up --> prescribed immunosuppressant --> abscess.

I entertained the thought of suing the 99, but as I've been back there without further incident...eh. Shit happens.

However, these last 6 months have been taxing on my poor wife; she's been nothing but a rock, and I can't help but apologize for all my body's put her through. All I can do is say thanks...I'll be sure to return the favor once she gets pregnant and has cravings for a hot fudge sundae with banana peppers, Tabasco, and pickle juice at 3 AM.

So that's the current state of me at the moment; flare-up's gone, digestive system is fine, but I've got a sore crotch and something like a menstrual pad to sop up blood that comes out of there. Luckily, the important bits were not affected by this, but it still means no sex for a while; utterly depressing, indeed.

Thanks, also, to Ben and all those who were concerned about me over on April's LJ; I hadn't mentioned it until now because I know my mother has Facebook and is on my list...and while she's a lovely woman, she also has a tendency to go absolutely crazy if something befalls me. She will panic, and she'll get ready to write my obituary. I love her dearly, though.

So, on the menu today: Farmer's Market; then back here for another bath and another change of the dressing, also some D&D and doing final prep for Character Battle 12, which starts tomorrow. Thanks to the 19 people who entered; it's the largest turnout since CB8, Battle Royal. The field mostly consists of returning players, but we do have some in there who are new, and some who are playing again after not being in it for several contests, so welcome back!

All right, time to start my day. Hopefully, Duenna Violet will keep me out of trouble.


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