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Yes, indeed. Eight years ago today, this LiveJournal was created. Started right after I began going to school in New Paltz, you guys have seen a lot of my life since. Eight years ago, it seemed, LiveJournal was the shit--hell, in order to create one, you needed to get a friend code from someone. Now, LJ has spread its legs wide, and anyone can just slide right in and make one. It's seen a lot of me, and seeing old entries just makes me nostalgic. Even now, I wish I was still going to school in New Paltz--that year was one of my best, it seemed. I may not have graduated with a BFA, but what I got was an MRS., infinitely more valuable than a piece of paper worth $40,000.

LiveJournal's not the shit that it used to be--when many of my friends jumped onto the bandwagon, our friends' pages were bustles of activity. Now with Facebook and Twitter, we no longer feel the need to write out journal entries, when we can now speak our minds anytime, anywhere, in real time. My once-proud friends page has dwindled to just a handful of regulars; sometimes days go by without a single update. Even I don't post to this thing as often as I would like, although that's slowly changing. I pay for it, might as well use it. And I suspect I'll have this LJ until the site dies, which I'm hoping won't be for a long time.

Ironically, I did not deliberately choose September 11th as the day to begin this LJ. The day holds no symbolic meaning for me--it just happened to be the day I made this. And with all the negative connotation surrounding this particular day, I have at least one happy reason to celebrate.

I'm going to try today to make it a point to not go on news sites or catch what's going to be the culmination of weeks of 9/11 hype. It sickens me to no end that this day has become so exploited to hell and back, and I just want to crawl under a rock. So, since everyone else seems to have something to say about today, I'll throw in my two cents.

9/11: Oy vey. )

So, what's the plan for today? I'm gonna make some cookies, and spend the day most likely gaming and catching up on Doctor Who whilst doing some laundry. But just for shits, here's a look back at my other entries that happened on this day.

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Wow...reading some of those old entries again makes me long for a simpler time, when all I had to worry about was April and school. Ah, well, it is what it is. Hopefully the next year brings happiness and continued improvement...and more school, more photography, and more April. Cheers, everyone.
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Happy birthday, A Bit of Wit!

Seven years you've been around. You've done a lot for me in terms of chronicling my life since I started college in 2003. You recorded my college experiences, the ups and downs of moving, the people in my life, my dating, engagement, and marriage of my wife, April ([livejournal.com profile] hearts_blood ), my affliction with Crohn's disease, my Character Battle contests, my rants...we've seen a lot, you and I. Here's another entry for you, while we're on the subject of remembering.

We all know what happened 9 years ago. How can we forget? People and media keep saying "never forget 9/11." How can we? There's this sense that the media hypes us up now for the day; almost as if our media keeps wanting to pick at the scars left by the heinous events and keep the wounds open. We practically get it rammed down our throats.

And while certainly, it's an important day of remembrance, I think we've lost the sense of unity that enveloped all of us. Now, when I see or hear talk of this day, it's become politicized. Politicians try to use the events of 9/11/2001 for their own political agenda; unity and tolerance has given way to racism, bigotry, and "Islamophobia." Our fears are exploited, and people know that. Fear is the greatest salesman in the world (right up there with sex), you can sell anything with it--just take a look at our race for Governor in this state. Look at how the planned Muslim community center (which has a mosque in it) is being used and abused and made into campaign issues. Way to go, guys--let's distract ourselves from the other major issues that NY has, and exploit the state's fears, because Muslim = terrorist. Oy.

9/11 used to be a day of remembrance and unity. Now, it seems to be a divisive tool. I don't even want to get into that whole plan to burn Qur'ans. Way to go, people.

While I didn't lose anyone that day, I do remember the tension and the confusion that pervaded Suffern High School as the day's events unfolded; rumors that many more planes were hijacked, and a lot of misinformation. It wasn't until I got home that day that I saw what happened; it was horrifying. But I also saw the aftermath; people banded together. We were unified, and the feeling of goodwill that had come out of that tragedy was noticeable. I remember the high school doing an event after school a day or so after, where groups of students and teachers made a boatload of PB&J sandwiches to send down to the NYPD, FDNY, and other emergency responders.

Where did that sense of national pride go?

I also remember that it was just about a week prior to 9/11 that I had started my first job, working at the McDonald's at the Ramapo rest stop on the Thruway. At the time, McDonald's was selling New York Yankees collectable baseballs; during the promotion, I sold the most baseballs, and my boss had given me a ticket for a Yankee game (even though I'm a Red Sox fan, I wasn't going to pass up a ticket to see a ball game, especially since I'd never been to an MLB game at that point). However, I'd end up not going--the ticket was for the 9/11/01 game against the White Sox.

So there we go. Hopefully today finds you well; and I hope that even though today's a day we shan't forget, remember the sense of pride we felt following the attacks, and not how this day has becoming nothing more than a tool to divide and polarize people.

We need to move on.


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