Feb. 16th, 2009

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Hopefully, despite the mess that the 9th character battle contest had, everyone enjoyed it. This will definitely be one for the record books, and it just goes to show what can happen when voting is not confined to just the people competing--when anyone on the planet can vote. It's created some upsets, drama, and tension, and it's my hope that you all will return for the 10th character battle, currently set to go in the early summer. If you remembered from months ago, when you voted on the next couple of themes, the next one is going to be a battle between the franchises of Metal Gear Solid vs. Syphon Filter. But more on that in tomorrow's closing podcast. Winning the Silent Evil Losers' Match is Claire, beating out Henry in a very close contest--a final score of 15-13! Congratulations! Whether anyone gained points, I'll soon find out, but now it's time to bring this contest to its final battle. 2500 points are at stake for this final battle (1250 for getting just the winner), and whoever gets this battle correct will very likely end up finishing in the top 3, perhaps even winning it. I want as many votes as possible here, and so I bring you--the Championship Battle. Leon Kennedy goes against Eddie Dombrowski, a character, who by all rights, should not be here. But yet he is. Who will emerge victorious? Your votes will decide. This battle ends in 24 hours, and when it's all over, we'll have our champion. Who gets the grand prize? Find out tomorrow. Good luck, everyone.

Battle 64

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Silent Evil Championship
Leon Kennedy Eddie Dombrowski   

Remember, once you're done voting here, go to Fantasy World, find this battle (usually the latest post) and vote there too.

Tomorrow: Silent Evil ends--the final results, podcast, wrap-up.


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