Jun. 29th, 2009

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I'm impressed. Either you just didn't notice or you did and didn't say anything--the last battle before the weekend break, which was marked as The Fury vs. Gustava, was an incorrect image. The image I had in place for The Fury was actually The Fear. Luckily, this did not screw up the results or the leaderboard. So, while the next battle is marked on your brackets as Jonathan (MPO) vs. The Fear, this battle will actually be Jonathan (MPO) vs. The Fury, with The Fury as the 14-seed. If you have your brackets printed or saved on your computer, switch the places of The Fear and The Fury--they're close enough in the seeding to really not make a difference. However, it didn't matter in the last 2 battles because Fatman and Solidus took the win. With that mess sorted out, we move on. Remember to vote at Late to the Party when you've finished placing your votes here. Also, we WILL have a leaderboard tonight--in the last 4 battles, the streaks of Zack and Liam came to an end--with Zack missing on Screaming/Psycho Mantis and Liam missing on Fatman/The Pain, they finally pick up their first losses of the contest. With Liam getting 22 straight battles correct before a first miss, that's an awesome, awesome feat. There's still time for those who have some streak of their own--but not much time left--to see if they can tackle the record: 31 consecutive battles won, held by MoonSword. Alright, enough from me. Play on. Here's the leaderboard after Day 12.

Battle 25 Battle 26

Outer Haven Division, Round 1, Battle 9
(3) Major Zero
(30) Gene
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Outer Haven Division, Round 1, Battle 10
(19) Jonathan (MPO)
(14) The Fury
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Tomorrow's battles: (6) Vamp vs. (27) Cunningham; (11) Vulcan Raven vs. (22) Raging Raven.


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